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We have created 1500+ Shayari WhatsApp group link just for the people who loves Poetry as there passed many famous poets like Mirza Ghalib, Rabindranath Tagore, Sarojini Naidu, Mahadevi Verma, Kamala Das and Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Contributions of all these poets are value able for us. Although these poets are not among us but they are still alive in our hearts.

People from all around the world like to read and listen their Shayari and send to theirs fellows or loved ones using WhatsApp Groups. Our main purpose to create this group is to make their poetry alive in our hearts, so that people like us who loves poetry can get easy access to it by using WhatsApp Group link.

Sad Indian Shayari WhatsApp Group Links

Shayari WhatsApp Group Link

Romantic Shayari WhatsApp Group Link

Love Shayari WhatsApp Groups Links

Love Shayari WhatsApp Groups Link

عاشقی بہت ضروری ہےJoin Group
بزمِ غزلJoin Group
ροιτπγ Ιονεπ’ξ Join Group
Yousuf Fazal Real PoetryJoin Group
 Yes Only poetry Join Group
 Urdu poetry lover’s Join Group
Urdu Poetry in 2 LinesJoin Group
 ú ŕ đ ù p ô é t ř ý Join Group
True LovE NEVERDIEJoin Group
The Best Poetry Group..Join Group
Shairy Allama IqbalJoin Group
Punjabi GroupJoin Group
Poetry LoversJoin Group
Poetry Boys Join Group
Our Thoughts Join Group
otry GroupJoin Group
Only Sad&Love Poetry Join Group
Only Pœtry LøvêrJoin Group
Only Poetry GroupJoin Group
Only Poetry Group Join Group
Only Poetry ChatJoin Group
Only PoetryJoin Group
Only PoetryJoin Group
only Poetry Join Group
New Poetry Lover Join Group
Mery Bad Kis Ko Satio GyJoin Group
L E®️Join Group
kashif_writes1Join Group
Just Urdu PoetryJoin Group
Just PoetryJoin Group
Its Urdu Poetry Join Group
FANA  E  ISHQ Join Group
Dard e Ishq Join Group
Bést PôètryJoin Group
AL͢O̶NE͎ BØ͢YJoin Group
257 Poetry LoverJoin Group
♥️ اداس لمحـــے Join Group
☞⃟лɭʏ  ɪs Join Group
“Ønly Pøetry”Join Group
“Ønly Pøetry”Join Group
“IŠhQ  SųbHaN_AllAh” Join Group
(5)(8)(3)Poetry1Join Group
$ilent Poetry Join Group

Urdu Shayari WhatsApp Groups Links

ꨄ︎شاعری سچ بولتی ہےJoin Group
واحدانیت _ عشق حقیقی _Join Group
نیو۔۔۔شاعری۔۔۔گروپ۔۔۔Join Group
نعت و شاعری گروپJoin Group
محبت تم سے نفرت ہےJoin Group
محبت اور عشق♦️Join Group
گو شئه ادبJoin Group
عشق محبتJoin Group
عشقJoin Group
عشقJoin Group
عشقJoin Group
⁦⁩عششششق⁦شاعری⁩Join Group
 شعرو شاعریJoin Group
شاعری کا بادشاہ Join Group
 شاعری Join Group
شاعریJoin Group
سِلسِلہ ع ش قJoin Group
رنگِ مرشد Join Group
راہعشقJoin Group
دل کی بات شاعری کی زبانJoin Group
 دشت بے کنار۔ ؟Join Group
 داستان محبت Join Group
خوبصورت شاعری⁦⁩Join Group
خدا اور محبتJoin Group
خاک نشیں Join Group
پوئٹریکیدنیاJoin Group
پہلی سی محبتJoin Group
ایک __فرقہ چاۓوالوں کا_Join Group
اردو شعر و شاعریJoin Group
اُردو شاعری گروپJoin Group
اردو شاعری اور ارطغرل ڈرامہJoin Group
اردو شاعریJoin Group
اردو شاعریJoin Group
اردو شاعریJoin Group
اردو شاعری Join Group
اردو شاعر ی گروپ Join Group
ادھوری کہـــــانی²ᵒ²ᵒJoin Group
اچھی باتیںاور شاعری 2Join Group
Urdu Poetry | اردو شاعریJoin Group
᭕◉دَاســـتَانِ ♧♤ ؏ِـشْــق◉᭕Join Group
اہلِ ذوق Join Group
اَنــمـول مـوتـیJoin Group
₱_Ø_Ɇ__Ɍ_¥ Join Group
 ۔۔ مرشد شاعری ۔۔ Join Group
~اَدُھـورا عشق~Join Group
*میری دنیا تم*  *Join Group
*دبـــــــستان ادب *Join Group
*تاریخ کے جھرونکوں سےJoin Group
*؏ِـش͚ـ͚ـق کی داستانیں*Join Group
*” صرف شاعری *Join Group

Gujarati Shayari WhatsApp Group Links

Group NameJoin Link
Gujrati ShayariClick Here
Shayari LoversClick Here
Best ShayariClick Here
Gujju SharayClick Here
Poetry GujratiClick Here
Only PoetryClick Here
Best PoetryClick Here
Essense of LoveClick Here
Gujrati Shayari GroupClick Here

Panjabi love Shayari WhatsApp Group links

sadda panjabJoin now
panjabe iskeJoin now
tuhi rab tuhiJoin now
kudi mangadiJoin now
aethhe me or tuJoin now
he so heJoin now
dil mangataJoin now
lagadi lahorJoin now
talk to my handJoin now
always panjabi openJoin now

2 line Shayari WhatsApp Groups links

urdu shayriJoin now
wah sahabJoin now
mera nam janeJoin now
mera khudaJoin now
aeh mere dilbarJoin now
nam tera sahiJoin now
pyar kya heJoin now
aek sher aorJoin now
mere sang jileJoin now

Here you checked different types of Shayari WhatsApp group link. Wherever you join, you will get daily updates. You can also add your groups in the comment box and we will add those links on our blog.

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